Founder: Steve Concialdi


A message from the founder of FADD:

As a graduate of an Orange County high school and an Orange County Fire Authority Firefighter/Paramedic, I have seen first-hand the devastating results when teenagers drink and drive.  While attending high school and college, many of my friends had been involved in, injured and even killed in alcohol-related accidents.  Ironically, as a firefighter, I am frequently administering emergency medical care to victims of such accidents.

It is a life-changing experience to witness the tragic results these accidents cause and to care for the suffering victims on a routine basis.  National statistics indicate that every ten seconds, one teenager in involved in an alcohol-related accident and over 800,000 teenagers are arrested every year for drinking and driving.

We want to reduce these alarming statistics!

Since we cannot bring those teenagers who might drink and drive out into the field with us, we hope to open their eyes with real-live, sobering experiences through our Mock DUI crash re-enactments at their local high schools.

Since 1991, we have been working closely with our OCFA and volunteer organizations to bring this Mock DUI crash to students with a reality that they will remember with all of their senses for years to come and especially when they are about to make that single decision to drive after they have had even one drink.

FADD is a non-profit organization which depends solely on the donations of those who share our concerns.  We are deeply indebted to those who give not only financial assistance, but their time and talents as well.

Many talented people have shared their expertise to help our cause and to keep our costs to a minimun without sacrificing quality.  We also apreciate all those individuals, businesses and corporations who give financial support and/or services to further the cause of FADD. 

Please read our volunteers list and support them!